Teaching Philosophy

The study of music provides one of the most complete human experiences through the development and integration of physical, mental and expressive skills. The goal in teaching is to guide and facilitate a personal growth and skill development that allows the student to experience the joy of personal expression and the ability to share a musical vision within the community.

Learning to play a musical instrument is a long-term project involving the development of physical, intellectual and expressive skills. This endeavor is much more than an after-school activity. It is an academic pursuit including muscular development and coordination, mathematical and spatial challenges and the artistry of creativity and expression. The joy of playing an instrument is possible at any age and skill level but is only acquired through the discipline of consistent and careful study.

The ACR Music Studio will:

  • Provide instruction tailored to the individual with an emphasis on classical training.
  • Offer preparation for the MTAC Certificate of Merit Program, contests and auditions through CCMTAC and CAPMT
  • Encourage the sharing of musical skills within the community
  • Encourage the exploration of composers’ lives and their music in historical contexts
  • Incorporate vocal studies to develop a sense of expressive phrasing and train the ear
  • Encourage composition and improvisation at all levels
  • Encourage collaborative experiences through duets and accompaniments

Additional Teaching Tools provided by the ACR Music Studio include:

  • A Lending Library of CD’s and the series of CD-Booklets called The Classic Composers
  • Anne’s personal piano/vocal compositions, worksheets and charts
  • A monthly Piano Explorer Magazine for each student in the Children’s’ Group
  • Rhythm Instruments
  • Review of each students recorded performance