Studio Profile

Students of the ACR Music Studio are divided into three Workshop performance groups, two Children’s Groups and one Adult Group. The Children’s Groups are Kindergarten through 5th grade and 6th through 12th grade. The Adult Group includes students with skill levels from beginning through advanced, a vocational and professional.

Workshops and Recitals – Students are expected to participate in studio workshops and recitals.

Evaluations, Competitions, Auditions, and Public Recitals – Extra educational events are offered through this studio but are optional.

The State of California sponsored events offered include:

  • Certificate of Merit yearly Evaluations
    • Auditions for Branch Honors Recital
      • Students of any age and at least level 1 may apply for this audition, which takes place at the Certificate of Merit evaluation. Approximately one hundred students with the highest combined scores will be selected. The student must score at least 80% on the written exam, receive a rating of excellent or good on technique and sight-reading, and play all pieces by memory earning a performance rating of 5.
    • Auditions for the M.T.A.C. State Convention
      • The audition requirements are the same as the Branch Honors except the entry level for the convention is level III.

Adult students may enter the yearly Adult Seminar for private lessons, master classes and recital experience.

Adult students may perform at the M.T.A.C. State Convention by passing the Adult Seminar Audition.

Events sponsored by the local branch, C.C.M.T.A.C.:

  • Baroque Festival
  • Sonata Contest
  • Public recitals for children and adults

C.A.P.M.T. sponsors the Piano Auditions for an evaluation and public recital.